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Roofing Sheet Solution
Product Range :-
  • Translucent and Opaque -
    • Plain sheet with and without wrinkle.
    • Corrugated sheet in any Profile (GI, Precoated, PVC, Aluminium etc.)
    • Multi Coloured sheets.
    • Textile Sheets.
  • Translucent and Opaque - Domes and Pyramid.
  • Any thickness between 0.8 mm to 10 mm.
  • We manufacture sheets as per your specifications.
Application :-
  • Translucent sheets provide natural daylight in Industrial and Domestic sheds. Light transmission is 40% to 90% Depending upon the requirement of User.
  • Translucent sheets can be used as :
    • Side Cladding Sheets, instead of glass, on main gate of house, shower partitions.
    • Decorative False Ceiling
    • Skylight area (OTS), Green House.
    • Canopy, Car Parking Sheds.
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